Whether you are playing recreational or competitive basketball, we can help you reach goals in a fun learning environment by expanding your skills. Workouts run about an hour and a half long, including game-tailored station drills with competitive games.

Training Levels
  • Men’s League
  • College
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • Elementary School
Fundamentals & Skills
  • Develop Leadership, Sportsmanship & Basketball I.Q.
  • Integrate Individual Skills Into Team Setting
  • Perimeter & Post Scoring Drills
  • Ball-Handling & Passing
  • Moving Without the Ball
  • Defense & Rebounding
  • Hustle & Intangibles
  • Footwork & Plyometrics

All workouts are personalized towards an individual and/or a group of participants, such as:

  • Blueprint to playing point guard, from running the offense to setting the tone.
  • Showing shooters how to move without the ball with a variety of shots
  • Maximizing the abilities of a slasher to do a little bit of everything
  • Develop a stronger high & low post presence to impact both ends of the floor

Here are the different aspects of the game that we may focus on throughout your workout plan:

Moving Without the Ball

It is common for players to practice with the ball in their hands. Remember, there is only one ball on the court. Regardless of what position you play this workout will show you what lanes to fill on the fast break, how to get open, and what to do after you set a screen. These skills will make you stand out as a well-conditioned player that can also free up teammates.

Defense & Distribution

There are many angles to attack your man but there is help defense that will force you into making a decision. This workout will help you learn how to connect the dots on the court, anticipate what will happen, and dissect a defense. Not to be forgotten, you will step up your contributions on the boards and get the necessary reps to become an impact defender.

Scoring Off the Dribble

This gives you the platform to implement your 1 on 1 skills into a team setting from all over the floor. Sure, you can pull-up for a 3-pointer at any time during a game, for better or for worse. You can also use a screen or various moves, before and after the dribble, to create space for a closer shot or to draw fouls. You will be confident in your ability to score from anywhere.

Playing in the Post

This workout features action in the low block, as well as the high post, including each elbow and the free throw line. Spacing is key. Post-entry passing gets lost in the fold. Not only will you work on moves such as the up & under, but you will learn when to use a fade away, and go through repetitions of finding the cutter.