About BC Hoops

Blue Collar Hoops consists of former players and coaches that participated at the high school and collegiate basketball levels. Our desire is to help student-athletes, and their parents for that matter, by setting an excellent example of how to become a young man and be a positive influence around family and friends. We also extend our services to adults that participate in leagues and specifically cater to those workouts as well.

We understand the impact that a passion can have, the values that can be instilled, along with the characteristics that can be developed. Our goal is to pay those memorable experiences forward by revealing untapped potential and helping to groom better leaders and sportsmanship. This applies to a refreshing mentality of perseverance, approaching a craft, and translating great practice into great performance. More importantly, these positive habits often trickle their way off the court and into the real world, well beyond playing days.

Some have figured out, that in order to have a workout routine and to eat right, you have to dedicate yourself to living that lifestyle. Some things you can just do, like riding a bike or hiking occasionally, but working out and eating right demand to be prioritized. That is our belief when it comes to developing as a basketball player, excelling in the classroom, or that can apply to pretty much any craft you wish to pursue. We are conscious role models and hybrid coaches between basketball and life.