High School: Prep For Your Upcoming Season


Have you ever played on an organized basketball team? Are you as good as you can be at this point in time? Do you want to catch up with an accelerated skills program? This is where we come into play to give you an assist!

Hopefully, you made some appearances at your high school’s open gym workouts over the spring and summer time. If you play a sport in the fall, perhaps you are concerned with getting into basketball form or making the team. Or, the school year just started and you really want to get involved with the basketball program.

It is helpful to be a returning player, and if you are, ask yourself a few questions. Are you playing the role that suits you? Are you playing enough? Do you need a hand in developing a specific aspect of your game?

How about goals: Do you want to make the team? Do you want to be in the playing rotation? Do you want to be a starter? Do you want to make all-league? Do you want to play in college?

Check out our fundamental drills, basic plays, and video preview. We will accommodate a convenient time and a place to train you, whether it is a local gym or even at your house! As San Diego natives and former student-athletes, we aim to give basketball in our community a huge boost as far as talent, work ethic, and advancing your career beyond the high school level.

Consider the fact that tryouts occur sometime in November and the first tournaments may  begin between Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving. You will have between 4-8 weeks, depending on your school program and schedule, to incorporate your skills and personality into the team. That’s when you get to know your teammates, coaches, work on conditioning, and learn the plays. That’s the time you work on things as team, but it absolutely takes effort on your own time to get better. Not to mention the priority that gives you this opportunity to play, being busy with classes and homework.

We really want you to reach out to us, whether it’s for one workout, 8 workouts, or for the entire season. We want to have a hand in making a better you on and off the court, which will help give you positive memories to look back on and maybe even some newspaper clippings with your name in the box scores! Perhaps a standout on Max Preps! Someone will always be stronger, faster, or better at something. You can be a good player, an OK player, or someone that loves watching the game and finally wants to be in the game, we want to put in the time and effort with you!

With our current players (or clients), they take leaps and bounds in the mental aspect of things just as much as the physical. Every week we communicate, they show up, and they’re proud of each workout because they know that they’ve improved with almost the snap of their fingers! Every drill is designed so that you can perform them in game situations. You know that you’re training is on point when it’s more challenging than the actual games!

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